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Ada Wong, the Resident Evil 4 remake actress, is being chased by toxic gamers on Instagram

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    The actor who voiced Ada Wong's character in the Resident Evil 4 remake has taken down her Instagram account following harassment from supposed fans of the horror franchise. Lily Gao, who also voiced a cameo appearance of Ada in the live-action movie Welcome to Raccoon City, disabled comments on her account and either hid or deleted all of her posts on Instagram except one.

    Die-hard fans can be some of the most adoring and ardent proponents out there. They can also be some of the most intense and toxic as well. The latter seems to be the case when it comes to how some fans of the Resident Evil franchise have responded to Lily Gao's latest voice-acting role as Ada Wong.

    A Twitter account dedicated to Ada Wong, @archiveadawong, took to the defense of the voice actor. In a tweet, the account stated the actions of those who were attacking Lily Gao were "beyond unacceptable," and while people have a right to their opinions, going to someone's social media to offend them "is sickening and deplorable."

    Responses to the tweet were mixed, with some agreeing with @archiveadawong and others who defended the right for people to voice their opinions, no matter how vile they may be. One person, @000Arcadius000, replied that people have the right to criticize anything they spend money on, and that if she (Gao) cannot handle being criticized, then perhaps it is a good thing she left social media. They ended their reply, "It could have been far worse."

    Other critics of Gao's performance said that it was "boring" and "lifeless". However, as others have pointed out, no matter how much money you spent on something, it is not OK to track down someone on social media for the sole purpose to attack and harass them.

    Comments were not all negative. Many posted in defense of Gao's performance, with @BlueeMaee replying, "That is so wrong! I wasn't the biggest fan at first but I think she did a really good job! That harassment and disrespect is so wrong and pathetic!"


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