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Doug Creamer, Salisbury Post: Heaping for a murmur

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    Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 21, 2023

    By Doug Creamer

    Some days are busier than others. Take Wednesdays; I go hard from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning until I lay my head down at night. Other days allow time for reading and a nice afternoon nap. The pace of life varies depending on what I have on my plate to get done on a particular day. I try to enjoy each day and live in the moment.

    Walking has become a part of my routine. Most days the walks mean walking in my community, but on Fridays my walking is done behind my lawnmower. Saturday walks are usually confined to my yard too, and can include working in the garden. There are a few occasions that I miss walking, sometimes because of the weather and other times because my plate was too full that day.

    One day recently we were quite busy getting things done around the house. The day was quickly melting away. There was this little whisper that floated through my mind and could have easily been missed. “Go for a walk.” I hadn’t done anything physical all day and the thought was very appealing. I needed to move and I quickly obeyed.

    It was a beautiful fall day. The air was crisp and it felt great to move around. My thoughts wandered as I walked. It was good to get the cobwebs out of my brain. I waved at some neighbors, glad to be out in the fresh air.

    I slowed as I was passing one neighbor’s house and we naturally engaged in conversation. It only took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t walking that day because I needed it but because He needed me. That little whisper was because God knew that a neighbor needed a little boost of encouragement.

    Some people refer to these situations as God moments. You know, a doctor just happens to be at the restaurant when another patron has a heart attack. An ambulance happens to be riding down the road when an accident occurs. I could continue, but you get the point. It is something that happens that only God can orchestrate. We see His fingerprint on a moment of time. That’s what I felt the other day when I had the high privilege of being in the right place at the right time.

    Have you ever noticed how the enemy shouts and the Lord whispers? When doubts, fears or temptations come our way they attack our thoughts in loud and boisterous ways. Those thoughts grab our attention and demand our focus. They seek to distract and belittle us and keep us from what God has planned for us.

    God comes to us peacefully and gently. If we aren’t careful we could miss Him. He doesn’t push or force us. He encourages and sometimes challenges us to come with Him. He leads us to where He needs us. Sometimes it’s not easy; in fact, sometimes it is downright difficult. Paul was led to go to Jerusalem, where he was put in prison. How could that be part of God’s plan? Paul wrote most of the books of the New Testament from prison.

    It is hard to understand God’s purpose, His plan and His timing. But what is not hard to understand is that He needs us to be lights in the darkness. That means that He will send us to places that seem dark because He needs us to be light. How will the lost know the hope you have unless you tell them? He sends you because He needs you to share His love with those who don’t know Him. He needs you to be you, a real person struggling with everyday problems but living in faith.

    I want to encourage you to listen for His quiet whispers and then to do what He tells you to do. He’s probably not calling you to be a missionary to a third-world nation, but He is calling you to be a missionary to your corner of the world. There are people in your sphere of influence who need to know about the love and mercy of God. They need to see your example of what it means to follow Jesus. They need someone who will listen and pray for them. Many people will never come to church, but they will talk with you. That’s why you have to listen for His whisper and let Him give you the words that will let them know there is a God in heaven who loves them. Listen for His whisper and let Him work through you.

    Contact Doug Creamer at PO Box 777, Faith, NC 28041 or [email protected].


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